Saturday, February 6, 2016


Conleigh is nine!  Honestly, I think I've seen her grow so much this past year.  I wish I could put her blossoming maturity into words but I'm not quite sure I can.  The other day, she dressed Kai all by herself, without being asked, and was so proud of herself because she knew she had done a big kid task.  There was so much in that moment that made me realize how she has just grown up.

Her three wishes were a Ken doll, a doughnut cake, and eating at Pizza Hut with friends.  She had such a good time with her friends.  It was so fun to watch her let her guard down and just enjoy the friendships, to hear them giggle and talk through the whole meal.  She came home gushing that it was the best birthday ever.  

Birthday day French toast so we could sing to her on her day.
She actually ended up having no school due to the snow so she quickly asserted
that she was going to wear her pajamas all day because "it's my birthday!"

Playing with her new Ken doll
Kenson was playing too but shhh...don't tell.
He'd be mortified if anyone knew.
Seriously, don't tell him you saw the picture.

Crazy girls talking on the phone

The doughnut cake

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