Saturday, December 17, 2011

Conleigh or Kenson Quotes?

"Mom!  Guess what's in my pants?  Actually, it's in my underwear.  It's a pretend orange!  But don't worry it doesn't have poop on it."

During a conversation on bad smells, "Or you can be stinky like a sweaty boy!"  (Think our kids are the children of a high school boys' soccer coach?)

"Zuuuummmmm!  I'm a Superhero!"-said while running then leaping into the air with not just scissors but also a dinner knife...

D-"I think Grandpa can see you from heaven."
"You do?   You're the smartest person in the world!"

Upon seeing a commercial for Starbucks coffee beans, "I don't want any of those.  They make you cough."  (Say it all slowly...)

After having a child sneeze in my hair, I reminded said child to cover their mouth when sneezing.   The response?  "My boogers come out of my nose not my mouth."  "Yes, and they are probably in my hair."  "What do boogers smell like?"  "I have no idea."  "What do boogers taste like?"  "Really?"  'I think they taste like sausage."

Got any guesses as to who said what today?

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