Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summing up my week

  • We had a gas leak at school today so I spent around 40 minutes in a gym full of 700 elementary kids while a handful of teachers tried to keep everyone entertained and try to fend off chaos.
  • I reached over to pick up the power strip that was connected to the tv in my classroom today and got a large shock. Apparently, there wasn't any plastic on the back of the power strip so I touched electrified metal. FUN... The best part is once you tell your kids you've been shocked then they all scurry over as if they should pick that item up to help you out. The grouchy teacher in you then wants to volunteer select children to go touch the said item.
  • This week has been better than last but I still have been moaning and complaining about things way too much, especially in relationship to this long term sub job I'm doing.
  • My parents called last night and said they were coming our way tomorrow evening. Now I really need to clean. Normally, not something I get too excited about but I've got to get the toothpaste wiped out of the sink at least.
  • D started a 6 week soccer club for the elementary boys who attend our school's after school program
  • I've been slowly but steadily working on purses. I'd like to sell them at an upcoming event. I've got 4 totally finished and around 5 more started.
  • And lastly, this list should be bulleted but for some reason my dear friend, Blogger, isn't doing it.

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Kathy said...

What a day!! I have my M.Ed. but don't teach now. Don't know if I'd be brave enough to sub anymore. I was single when I subbed. Those 5:30 a.m. calls were no fun.