Monday, September 29, 2008

Prayers for our visa meeting

Today is Kenson's birth mom's appointment with the United States Customs office. This appointment will be the last time she speaks to officials about her decision to allow Kenson to be adopted. This appointment is part of the United States visa process; she has already met with Haitian officials at least two other times to discuss her decision. In fact, in the eyes of Haiti, she is no longer his legal parent; we are.

It is very wierd to pray about today. It's hard to know what to pray. The humanness in me wants the conversation to be smooth and effortless. But prayers for an efficient meeting seem a bit callous, as if you are ignoring the gravity of the actual meeting. On the other end of things, you have no idea what the birth parent is really feeling. I can imagine what I think she might be feeling but I really don't know if praying for those feelings is accurate or not. I would think she would be intimidated by the building because it is a huge place with marble floors and granite countertops, a government building that is much nicer than any place she has probably ever been in before. I would think she would be anxious about saying the right things. And I think she would be heartbroken to know this is the last time anyone may ever ask her questions about Kenson. But the truth is she may not feel any of those things.

So that leaves me wondering what to pray. Remembering that prayer is less about my words and more about my heart's communication with an all knowing, ever present God.


Jodie said...

Praying for the process and the hearts of everyone involved!

Kathy said...

I wonder the same thing. It's our dad's appt tomorrow too. We are still in parquet though and he has not been interviewed before. I hope he still wants to allow his twins to be adopted to have a better life. But he must real sad that someone else can do for them what he can't.

Heather said...

Praying everything goes well today. Keep us posted!


A Momma in Waiting... said...

Praying right now for everyone who was/is involved with the meeting, including you... Terry

Mary said...

Praying all went well at the meeting. I know it's hard for us all to even imagine what the thoughts, feelings, etc... of the birth family are like. A beautiful story will come out of the tragedy of these kiddos past.