Saturday, September 13, 2008

Haiti and Hurricanes

I copied the above information from Melinda, one of the directors of HCH in Mirebalais. The orphanage is very close to the river, so close that we walked there with the children when we visited. I cannot imagine how scary all of this flooding has been for the Haitians affected by it. The floods come in the pitch black of night in places where there are no street lights to help you see. You only have the bare necessities to begin with and when you return everything is either gone or covered in mud. And you also know that one of your more reliable sources for food, the plantain trees, mango trees, etc. have been destroyed and will impact your ability to get food for not just the next few weeks but for the next few years.

I am thankful for those in ministry positions around Haiti who will have opportunities to help. Praying that God blesses them like the boy who gave his fish and bread to Jesus: may God take the little they have and make it stretch to meet the needs of many.

I know of several opportunities to help with relief in Haiti. Food and water continue to be major problems and even when supplies are available, getting it distributed can be a challenge as many areas are esentially isolated due to washed out roads and bridges. Real Hope for Haiti would like to purchase another vehicle that would enable them to effectively distribute aid. A church has already raised a portion of the $40, 000 needed but another $15, 000 has yet to be raised. Contributions can be sent to Real Hope for Haiti (TRUCK FUND), PO Box 23, Elwood, IN 46036.

FHG in Port Au Prince is trying to do a food drive so that they can deliver food to the birth families of the children at the orphanage. Monetary donations or people to organize food drives in their area are needed. Contact Linda at for more information.

You can also lobby your Congressmen to send more US dollars to help with relief efforts. I have also heard rumors that the UN has not been as helpful as they should be in distributing aid to those who need it. You can email your elected officials by using the website, to find their email address.

If I hear of more opportunities I will let you know.

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