Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Help for Haiti

I have been praying for several week now for Lori and Licia at Real Hope for Haiti. The roads and bridge to their area were destroyed by Ike and they have been trying to meet the needs of their community all by themselves. Help finally arrived via chopper this week. I can almost hear their sighs of relief from here. As an American, it was also nice to see our soldiers working in Haiti. So much bad press is out there about Americans, that we don't care about the rest of the world and that we only get involved if it serves our best interests. I don't believe that for a minute but I know that perception becomes reality. I pray God works on the hearts of those soldiers, that they will be forever changed because of their time in Haiti.

There still is much to do but I just marvel at how God is using them right now. Please check out these sites for more information on what's happening at Real Hope for Haiti right now.

Jeanne's Picasa album-Jeanne's a volunteer at RHFH right now.

Lori's blog-Lori runs a feeding program for malnurished children.

Licia's blog-Licia is a trained nurse who provides medical care at the clinic.

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