Sunday, September 7, 2008

HCH evacuated

We read today that Conleigh's orphanage, Haiti Children's Home, was evacuated this morning around 7:30 due to flooding and the closure of the main road leading to the orphanage. It sounds as if they evacuated as a precaution and that they had enough time to do get everyone moved into a nearby hospital and then go back and try to move things so that those items would not be damaged if the flooding increased. However, they are currently caring for around 10 newborn/special needs babies which would seem to make the challenge of moving even more difficult. From what I read, they had to bring their own incubators to the hospital as the hospital did not have any.

HCH is in Mirebalais which is not on the coast as you can see on the map but it is sort of on the north side which is where Hurricanes Ike and Hanna have done the most damage. To give some perspective, Port Au Prince is about 45 minutes southwest in the angle part. Gonaives, which was hit hard is more to the north and closer to the coast.


Kathy said...

I hope this all passes soon.

Svitak Family said...

Wow! Kayla I am praying for both your babies! Hope the hurricane season is done soon. It sure has brought attention to Haiti though! Maybe more people will realize how bad things are there normally!