Sunday, September 14, 2008

Purse Mania

I've been busy crafting. Mostly, I'm just putting this on for my cousin's benefit but the rest of you can enjoy my pictures too. (Or just skip over it, if that's how the mood strikes you.) I'm getting ready to sell some purses at a hilly billy weekend long garage sale called the Junk Jaunt. Really, that's probably a bit of a sarcastic definition. The Junk Jaunt is a 300 mile long, continuous yard sale through many small towns of the Nebraska Sandhills as well as down into the river valleys of the central portion of the state. This year, D and I are actually going to go treasure hunting as we make our way back to my mom and dad's. We even took the day off of work.

My cousin has also been making purses and other items so we'll see if we can sell any. The four I took photos of are essentially finished except for a few spots of hand sewing. I have about 6 more in various stages of completition.

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Miss Alissa said...

Oh, oh I LOVE them!!! I'll have to put some more of my pics up:)