Monday, September 29, 2008

Junk Jaunt, part 1

Last weekend, D and I went to my folks' house as part of a pilgramage called the Junk Jaunt. As explained in previous posts, it is like a 300 mile long yard sale in the middle of Nebraska. The actual route is on a scenic byway in Nebraska where you will probably find more cows than people and where you're surrounded by endless blue sky, seas of tall prairie grass, and fields of golden harvest ready corn. People set up signs all along the highway so you just turn off the highway and follow the signs down the gravel road until you find the spot designated as a Junk Jaunt spot. Sometimes it's in someone's yard, sometimes it's in someone's barn, sometimes it's on a porch. The small towns along the highways also have sales in town. My aunt and uncle just bought what most would describe as a really large one room school that no longer serves as a school. So my parents, my cousin, my aunt and uncle, my grandma, my great aunt and cousin, and D and I hauled our junk to the school and sold items out of there. Here's a few pictures of our weekend together.

My cousin and I sold handiwork like purses, quilted table runners, and photo notecards.

My cousin enjoying one of D's GI Joe toys that were for sale. Somehow, my cousin ended up with purchasing this possession in some sort of deal he worked out with D.

My elementary aged cousins sold cookies, cinnamon rolls, beverages, candy, and homemade bracelets and magnets. (Notice the note...that's a take off on her older sister's etsy store, Miss Alissa.)

I also took advantage of having most of my family together and took their pictures to turn into a picture book for Kenson. I am also going to blow the photos up a bit and add magnets to the backs to make some doll like refrigerator magnets for Kenson. Don't you love the poses?

I sold four purses and had lots of people ooh and aah over them. Not a great outing as far as sales go but this wasn't really a craft fair type setting.

Here's a few of my favorite purses out of the 15 I actually took.

Now, as soon as I can figure out how to get pictures off of my camera phone, I'll post a part 2...the wierdest things we found on our journey.

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Dawn S. said...

These are lovely!! I make purses, but they are not like those, WOW!!

We are having a silent auction to raise money for our three adoptions. Would you consider donating one?