Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike and Haiti

Hurricane Ike has really created massive problems in Haiti. It sounds as if the death count is at at least 1, 000 with many people possibly not counted due to bodies being washed away into the ocean. Pat Smith, the founder of HCH, has several pictures on her blog about what Mirebalais is like right now. The orphanage is okay and the kids are back sleeping in their own beds but their neighbors are suffering. And the family that runs Real Hope for Haiti has posted pictures showing what their lives are like right now as they try to help their community recover.

From the various things I've read, it sounds like food and water are currently very hard to come back in Haiti. Even though there are organizations who have responded, they are having trouble getting aid to those in need due to washed out roads and bridges. There are many organizations that could use monetary help to fund rescue projects including Real Hope for Haiti. Please consider what you might be able to do.

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Kathy said...

Hurricane Ike is far from us but it made an unusual tide which emptied half the bay into our back yard (see my casselcrew blog) but I can't complain at all when the only thing that happened is that our yard will be really muddy for weeks and the kids had to roll up their pants and walk barefoot to the bus.