Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Time

Today is D's first day of school with kids. I was going to get up and make him a hot breakfast but he was going to leave earlier than normal and said he probably wouldn't have time. Maybe another day. D didn't actually have kids today because of the shortened schedule. Since he teaches a special class, the regular classroom teachers felt like they wouldn't have had enough time with their kids if they sent the kids to D for an hour so that gives him more time to finish getting his room ready. D went last week to prepare but managed to find two soccer games going on on two separate days so some of his preparing was interupted by soccer. Hard to imagine with D, I know! Due to a schedule change, D has kindergarten first thing in the morning. If he's not fully awake by the time they come, I'm sure he will be afterwards!

It's also the first first day of school that I have not had to prepare for in quite a while. Not as wierd as I though it would be, although a few weeks ago, I found myself thinking in a craft store "Wow! Those letters would make a great bulliten board." But generally the transition to not teaching full time hasn't been too bad. For those of you who don't know, I'm planning to substitute as much as I can until Kenson comes home. Then I will be able to take as much time as I want off once he arrives. After that, I am thinking I will sub a couple days out of the week, once Kenson seems to be adjusting. That part will probably be a play it by ear situation with lots of flexibility as to when and for how long.


Miss Alissa said...

Ooo, that will be new! I wish that Kenson could be there already :( Any fun projects in mind for the near future?
Grandma was over again today. She cracks me up. It was nice.

Lisa said...

It's that time of year, isn't it! So fun! Does D teach art? I thought I read that somewhere, but can't remember for sure. Kaylen had her first day of art class today, but said she didn't actually do any art because they had to learn the rules first. :) I can imagine 25 new kindergarteners probably need a lot of instruction to start off with, huh?! :)

That's nice that you've moved to subbing so you can set your own schedule. Praying Kenson is home soon! (lots of kids for that matter!)

kayder1996 said...

Yes, D teaches art. In a given week, he sees over 600 kids, kindergarten through 5th grade. And yes kindergarteners need tons of instruction! I try to avoid kindergarten if I can help it; they scare me! Just kidding but they really are about my limit. I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy with a class of preschoolers. Not my giftedness. Love the 1-4 graders.