Monday, August 11, 2008

Currently Blooming...

in our garden are sunflowers, zinnias, and Indian blanketflower. All are very easy to grow (meaning it takes a lot to kill them) and make great cut flower arrangements. The first two are all annuals so you have to plant them every spring right in the soil although sunflowers are very good at self seeding. There's also a white hydrangea in the first photo which is a shrub. This variety is called Annebelle and is a good choice because, unlike, some hydrangeas, it blooms on new growth so you don't have to cover it in the winter to prevent the blooms from getting frozen. I believe it's also considered a native shrub; the sunflower and blanketflower would also be native plants. Native plants are valuable in a garden because they are conditioned to your area's climate and will usually thrive with little or no care. (Again, think hard to kill.)

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