Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A gift for my husband: He Qi

This August, D and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. D's 30th birthday is also coming up in September. And D's mom's birthday would have been August 3. I wanted to get D something good for all of those events, something that would celebrate my appreciation for the things he loves and something that would also remind him of his mom in positive ways. I have been wanting to buy him a piece of original art for a long time. (All the original art in our house is that which was created by my husband.) So this August, I did some searching and bought D this limited edition giclee print.

It seemed perfect. D's mom loved angels and the resurrection story is such a sweet reminder of our own reunion with Jesus. The print itself has such vivid colors. I also love the thick black lines and the Picasso like faces.

I found the print from a website which works to help Christian artists, Missionary Arts. One of the main ways it does so is by creating an outlet for missionaries to sell their work as a means of raising support. Christian artists can also sell their work to support specific ministries.

He Qi is the artist who created this piece. He is a Chinese artist who is world reknown for his paintings and prints. I know several of you who read this have adopted or are adopting Chinese children and personally I think his work would be great for your families because of the way he allows his heritage to be proudly interwoven into his art. Many of his pieces have Bible characters portrayed as Asians. It's very unique; I've never seen an Asian rendition of Jesus until I looked at his work. And he has a very beautiful picture of Moses being found in the water which has the court women wearing kimonos. It has great water lily type tones of green and blue. And the best part is that it's good art! He uses line and color and perspective as well as some great abstract/cubist thinking. Anyway, he's definitely worth checking out.

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A Momma in Waiting... said...

I will need to check out "Moses". They called my son Moses in China... And I'm looking for some good art! Terry