Friday, August 22, 2008

God Cracks Me Up

For this post to make sense, make sure you've read my earlier post from tonight.

I just started the book The Shack. If you haven't heard about the book, a lot of people are reading it and giving it high praises. The book tells the story of a family devestated by the unsolved disappearance of their little girl. In the story, the father is invited back to the scene of the crime, the shack. The invitation comes in an unstamped envelope in the mail and is signed "Papa." The father goes and encounters God in the shack in some very unusual but intensely personal ways. Through his experience at the shack, the father gets to ask God his questions about God's character including how God can allow such bad things to happen in life.

Here are the words I read tonight that just totally stood out to me in light of the conversation I had with God this morning. The father in the book asks God what good could possibly justify his daughter's disappearance. God's response? I am not here to justify it; I am here to redeem it.

Thanks God for cracking me up! For using the same exact words in two distinct ways to remind me of what You've said and what Your character is always about.

Praise God that He will not justify our wait, Kenson's wait, or Conleigh's wait. He will redeem it!


Dawn S. said...

LOVE this. Thank you!

Kathy said...

I did not care for The Shack. I like the opening story and the last chapter. I only barely skimmed the middle part because it's too far from my Baptist thinking.

kayder1996 said...

Maybe I'll touch on what I thought of The Shack when I'm done reading it. I had seen lots of comments about in online in various places, all saying how good it was. But generally speaking, I don't read Christian fiction. Sorry, Kathy, but too often it drives me crazy because it's so Pollyannish. I do like Francine Rivers and I can tolerate some of the historical fiction but I if you asked me to recommend Christian fiction writers I have a hard time because I don't really have a favorite. Anyway, I was at the library and just happened to see it so I thought "what the heck, we'll see what the fuss is all about." It is a bit out there in places.