Friday, August 1, 2008

Breathing and Cricket Chirps (A Waiting Heart)

Breathing and cricket chirps...those are the sounds of silence. And somehow, even if there isn't a physical silence, it is still possible to hear breathing and cricket chirps in the depths of your heart. People always tell us we have the patience of Job because we have waited for Kenson for so long. But the real truth is that there are times when it has been easier to be patient than others. Now is not an easy time. The closer we've gotten to the end, the harder it's gotten. It is also difficult to wait when you are expecting news. That's been the case all along. There are times when you anticipate being signed out of a specific office or when you expect to have someone tell you something you need to be doing to keep your paperwork moving along. It's the end of the month so our monthly updates on where our dossier is in process should be coming soon. And we are waiting to hear when we can schedule a few things for the visa part of Kenson's adoption. So right now, if I quiet myself and just let myself rest in the place my heart is in, well, it feels like I'm stepping into a cavern with only the sounds of my breathing and a cricket filling up the empty space. Chirp, chirp...hoping for some news soon.


Kathy said...

I'm hoping news and pictures arrive soon!

Natalie said...

I love how you write Kayla. I almost feel like I am there with you listening to the crickets chirp.

Dawn S. said...

It is so hard to wait, isn't it? We started for our adoption for China in fall 2005. Still waiting. Now we wait for Haiti also. Hang in there. We WILL have our kids home one day.