Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthdays as seen by a waiting heart

Tomorrow is Kenson's 2nd birthday. To be honest, part of me would really like to be throwing a pity party right now. (And realistically, part of me probably is.) It starts to get a bit discouraging and depressing when you think of the realities of what that means. We did not imagine he would be in Haiti at age 2. His second birthday was one of those benchmark dates, one that you start out saying "He will be home before he's two." It then changes to "I'm pretty sure he'll be home before then." And then, you say "He's going to be two before he comes home." We've known for a while that he wouldn't make it home before his birthday. But it doesn't make it right. My heart hopes that somehow God conveys to him the tears that have been shed by his mama and papa over missed birthdays and other missed memories. I pray that he comes to recognize the emotions so many people felt for him while he lived in Haiti, the anger at injustice, the sadness of separation, the hope of his potential. And that statement really wraps up a lot of what it's like to wait. Your heart is filled with lots of really strong emotions but it always seems like you come back to hope.

My prayer for him and any other kiddo that's ever had to miss a birthday celebration-

Lord God, press into their hearts the way they've been yearned for and missed. May they understand with unbelievable accuracy the depth to which their parents and friends hurt over the missing moments. May they recognize that many people chose to celebrate their birthdays because it means celebrating the moment they were born. May they know how others see that day as special because they see that child as special in so many ways. And Lord, may You honor those moments that feel like lost moments. Somehow turn those lost moments into good. Amen.

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