Friday, August 8, 2008

Adoption Update-Kenson

On the adoption front, we got updates this week which was initially discouraging. We were told at the end of June that our documents had been submitted to MOI, which is the office that will send for Kenson's passport. We were told that we had probably been in for a few weeks which makes for an early June entry date. We had been asking since then for the confirmation numbers that go with this which we received in our update this week. However, based on those numbers, when you compare them to other numbers given to other families, it looks like we weren't submitted until sometime in July.

This is the part where adoption can make you crazy. You start comparing stuff to other families. You start getting upset. You start freaking out because of the loss of weeks and days. Using a July 1 entry date would put us exiting MOI in November with then hopefully a 3-4 week wait for a visa and then home. Could be slower, could be faster. Parts of this week were hard because we went from an optomistic October homecoming to a probably December homecoming. I was really hoping to hear that our long form in the MOI office had been filled out. Those kinds of updates are the worst; the ones where you are hoping that task x has been accomplished but instead you find yourself further behind than that step.

Our prayers for Kenson's process are that we would exit MOI quickly and that our documents would have no mistakes that would cause things to have to be redone. We also would ask for prayers for Juislene, Kenson's birth mom. She has to go to the US visa office in order for our adoption to be completed. She must have an identification card to get into the building. We have to schedule her appointment but are waiting to hear that she has an id card so we can make the appoinment. Also, this will be the last time (out of at least 3) where she will be stating her desire for Kenson to be adopted. It can not be easy to tell your wishes on such a serious and sad thing.


Kathy said...

I understand. It's hard not to compare but we were stuck in dispense in ibesr for 9 mo and now family are out who went in 7/8 mo after us. One family totally passed us and went through parquet in a month. I didn't get a July update so I assume we are still in parquet.

I hope your birth mom can get to her appt and that your MOI wait will be short!

DragonRider said...

I think I have a picture of your little boy on my blog. He's in the checked shirt in baby 2.