Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics Smolitics

Aren't we all excited about the Democratic National Convention? (Anyone who has a tv that does not have cable knows the answer to that. With only 3 or 4 channels to choose from, the answer is a resounding NO.) And apparently John McCain is going to announce his running mate soon. (Maybe tomorrow or tonight. I think the anticipation is killing me! Just kidding.)

So far, I haven't really done much research on any of the Presidential candidates because of the my state's position in the primaries. We hold our primary so late in the primary season that anyone who wants to vote in the primary really doesn't have much say because the actual nomination is usually already secured. I'm also registered as an independent so I don't get to vote in primaries anyway.

Tonight, there was quite a bit of hubub about who John McCain would choose so D started doing some research online. We did find a website that I thought was fairly impartial and based on facts like voting records and quotations. The website, On the Issues, did not appear to be put out by any political party or special interest group. It listed each candidate and their positions on many important issues. At the very bottom of the page was the part I found most helpful. It had a table with statements like "A woman has a right to an abortion" on one side followed by a rating like "strongly opposes" or "agrees". The second side contained a summary of their voting record and comments which then linked the record or the comment to the way in which it either supported or denounced the original statement. It does look like the website hasn't been updated in a while so I hope they do. But I also kind of feel like anything any candidate has said or voted on in the last year and a half really doesn't count because it was probably a calculated decision based on what he thought would appeal to voters.

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