Sunday, August 17, 2008

Butterfly Dancing

Our zinnias and cosmos have really brought in the butterflies this year. Since I've had quite a bit of free time this last week, I thought I'd try to photograph them. Butterflies are so mesmorizing. Butterflies remind me of the pace of a beating heart, a delicate and shimmering ball gown, and the broad brush strokes of modern art, all rolled into one. I also think that taking the time to watch them and to try to photograph them is good for the soul. You have to slow down and take your time, two things which don't come naturally for me.

If God is nature
Or encompasses nature
Or created nature
Then one must use nature
To converse with God
Dancing with butterflies
And listening to seashells
And burning bushes
-Larry Jaffe

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Larry Jaffe said...

what a pleasure to find my work on your blog.

much love,