Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More pre-school activities

We haven't done anything in the last couple of weeks but the week before that we worked on name stuff. The photo above is a paper collage we made with scrapbook paper, velum, stickers, and some K's I printed off using my computer. We modge podged some of the paper down with dilluted Elmer's , let it dry, and then glued more on top.
We also torn construction paper squares and put them inside of bubble letters which spelled out his name. (I took a photo but have no idea where it is.) I did most of the tearing as he still has a hard time with that. I just used my computer's word processing program and picked a font that looked like bubble letter.


hannahsmom2005 said...

Hey...check your facebook or gmail account... I sent you information that may help with Conleigh's adoption process. Call me if you want me to explain more. My phone number is posted on my facebook page!
Love reading your updates!

Sara (Mackey) Blackburn

Dawn S. said...

I love that! It is beautiful!

God's Grace said...

Looks like a great idea! maybe we will try it :-) Terry