Monday, October 12, 2009

Colors of the past few days

Brown...cinnamony brown carpet that is. We just put in new carpet in our living room and my sewing room. Hopefully, this will help our house sell better. Our old carpet was really yucky but I didn't want to replace it and then spill on it before our house sold. Our realtor actually suggested not replacing it so we just decided to sell the house with a monetary carpet allowance. But since we haven't had any real serious lookers yet, we thought maybe new carpet would help with the impression our house was giving people. I really like the carpet we put in and at our open house yesterday, a woman who was looking ended up calling her husband to come look at the house too because she really liked it. That's the most promising response we've had yet so maybe the carpet did the trick.

White...snow white flakes on both Saturday and Sunday. It's the middle of October. The grass is still green, the leaves still on the trees, it's just weird.

Black...and blue...and purple...and maybe yellow...the color of my toe. I stubbed it on the baby gate yesterday morning. I don't think it's broken but it sure hurts and has swelled and turned some funny colors. I also managed to hit it hard enough to basically loose my toenail. Nice! Why stubbing your toe hurts like the dickens, I'll never know.

Green...a lovely sage green. Several new hats that I just finished and posted on etsy are that color. I have basically been selling hats as soon as I put them on and have taken a couple of custom orders.

Red...cherries in the cherry bars I made for women's ministry tonight. The women's ministry has chosen the topic "The Seasons of Life" and has asked church women in all stages of life to share on certain topics each week. This week is young children. Last week was parenting teenagers. The week before that was taking on a caretaker role with parents. Other topics include Christ centered marriage, balancing work and family, postive relationships, and taking care of you. I kind of like the format as it's a nice departure from a book based study. If you're from the area and want more details, shoot me an email and I'll give the details. (Easiest cherry bars ever...mix up a yellow cake mix, add some almond extract. Pour into a 10 x 15 jelly roll pan. Drop spoonfuls of cherry pie filling randomly over the top. Bake. When cool, drizzle with your favorite frosting/glaze.)

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sheri wiebe said...

We call that kind of cherry bars "puddle cake"...and maybe the pain in the toe will take away a little of the pain in the heart...