Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Zoo Visit

On Wednesday, my mom, D, Kenson and I headed to the zoo while my dad went to some business meetings. We had a grand time. Kenson had never been to the zoo before and is still a bit timid when it comes to animals. We explained to him the day before what it would be like. (As in they can't eat you because there will be glass and a cage in between you and them.)

He really enjoyed the monkeys and the naked mole rats. The naked mole rats were set up with tubes for them to run through so Kenson could kind of chase after them as they ran. The koi pond and its fish were popular too. (We also experienced animal pottying and some hot and heavy turtle love but I'll skip the details.)

There were no tears and only a few moments of my-feet-are-stuck-in-cement and I'm-not-coming-any-closer. Days like that just make me wonder exactly what goes on in his little head. Imagine what it must be like to have such limited life experiences and then to go to a zoo where there are more animals in one place than you have ever seen before. Not only that, but most of the animals you have never heard of or seen even in a book or on television. It must be such a wonderfully weird experience

Ducks at the petting zoo
Mom and Kenson in the willow tunnel
Feeding the camels

Looking at the fish in the koi pond
Sitting on the caterpillar sculpture...this took some coaxing


kb said...

I miss that zoo! It's the perfect size for little kids.
Must've been quite the experience for Kenson.

Kathy C. said...

He looks like he enjoyed it. I've heard that a lot of the kids are scared of animals.

Funny--my word verification is
donot--do not??

Katy said...

What a fun day!! I can't wait for all the firsts...

sheri wiebe said...

Yea,what fun! I've dreamed of the day I get to take Julie to the zoo. So many and I are so priveledged to be the ones to introduces these little ones to all these exciting things!

kayder1996 said...

Yes, Kristi, this zoo is a graet first zoo/little kids zoo. It's small enough to not be overwhelming with too many things to do/too much walking but it has enough animals and a good variety of animals too.
Sheri-I totally agree. Thinking of the firsts we would experience and how those first would be special compared to an American child's experience helped me when the wait seemed to drag on.