Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Per my friend's request, this link is for the bread machine cinnamon rolls I made a while back. While anything made with sugar and butter is good, they weren't stellar so I didn't put the recipe on when I posted my photos. However, someone else may think differently.

I also didn't use gluten which may have made a difference. I thought mine were kind of heavy and not as light as I would have liked so it may have been the gluten. To make rolls that need shaped (or any thing that you don't want to bake in your bread machine) just use the dough setting on your bread machine. It will mix everything up and keep it nice and warm for the first rise. Then you turn the dough out on a greased or floured surface, let it rest, and do the rest of the recipe. (Shaping into a loaf, rolling into cinnamon rolls, etc..) Let rise a second time as instructed by your recipe and bake in the oven. My aunt, Sheree, is really the champion of this business. She ought to be the one giving you recipes on bread. She uses her bread machine like this and bakes with yeast often.


Svitak Family said...

THANKS!!! I can't wait to try them next cold rainy day!

Svitak Family said...

I made them yesterday...YUM!

kayder1996 said...

Glad you liked them.