Thursday, June 26, 2008

Worldview Challenge

Before I start downloading and uploading and bombarding you all with photos of our Haiti trip, I want to take some time to decompress, to let my most recent Haitian experience settle and churn and resonate and rest. Having left three very poor countries on four separate occasions, each time I have always felt a huge responsibility to be the world's story teller. I always have a hope that my words and my ability to retell and related my experiences will do justice to the people whom I have just meet, that my stories will be pressed down into the hearts of my friends and family and then resurrected in their own lives in some tangible way.

So before I piece together my random thoughts and hundreds of photos, I want to chalenge you to consider your heart and the worldview that you hold based upon your life experiences, your compilation of knowledge, and your heart's fervor. What experience in life has most molded your current worldview? What experience has created a dramatic change in your worldview, for better or for worse? I hope you'll post your answers. I'd love to know what events have been important in your life. And then I'll tell you mine...and share about my current worldview including the impact Haiti has had on how I see the world.

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