Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have spent quite a bit of time with Conleigh so far. The orphanage likes to keep kids in their normal routines as much as possible so she isn't going to the hotel with us and needs to be following her usual schedule as far as eating and sleeping goes. But there is an upstairs where we are that we can use to have a little bit of quiet time with her throughout the day. She took about half a day to warm up to me and is still unsure of Derek. She will let him touch her and giggles at him but doesn't want to go to him or with him. She often sucks her right thumb and pulls on a braid with her left. (At the same time) She was in a private home with a missionary family for almost 9 months and just came back to the orphanage in January or February. Having lots of other kids around who are always in her space is a challenge for her. She really just wants a grown up one on one and for the other kids not to touch her a lot.


Miss Alissa said...

She's beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her:)

Travis and Michelle said...

Conleigh is a beautiful baby girl!!! You guys are in our prayers daily, thanks for the update on how things are going!

ruralnebr said...

She is sooo precious, hugs to you all!