Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kirk Cameron and the Gospel Truth

As I thought about what I wanted this blog to look like, one of the things I wanted my blog to include was access to the best story I've ever heard, the story of Jesus. Telling that story should be my life mission, although I have to say it often receives only 1-2% of my attention. Anyway, I'm committing to sharing the story of Jesus once a month on my blog through posts catagorized as The Gospel Truth.

The other night I witnessed a magical moment. One of my favorite political pundits and a childhood crush were on the same tv show together!!!! (I know it's difficult to hold back your excitement.) On Glen Beck's television show, Kirk Cameron aka Mike Seavers was a guest. Those of you who are women and who grew up in the eighties loved Kirk too, just about as much as you loved your hairsprayed bangs and leg warmers. Don't even try to deny it.

Anyway, Kirk Cameron now is mostly known for being a guest speaker, starring in the Left Behind movies, and marrying his on screen love interest from Growing Pains. As a 20 something adult, he followed a girl into church, mostly as a way to impress her. But his time there lead him to think "What if I'm wrong?" I would urge you to consider any views you hold on Jesus, God, the church, etc. in light of that question. "What if I'm wrong?"

On Glenn Beck, Kirk doesn't really discuss what his specific viewpoints on religion were but there are a lot of commonly held ideas out there that he might have been holding onto. Like "I'm basically a good person. I haven't killed anyone or committed any real atrocities." Or "Heaven seems like a nice thought and maybe I'd like to go there but only because Hell seems like a really rotten place." Or even "I'm pretty sure there's no such place as Hell. Maybe heaven doesn't even exist. I mean dead is dead, isn't it?" Those are all pretty common thoughts and ones even Christians have had or still have. In all honesty, knowing the story of Jesus isn't about having all the answers. But it is about couple of things: an intimate relationship with a pursuing God who loves you enough to cover up your ickiness with His son's goodness and believing in some things including Hell and Heaven as unchanging Truth.

If you have questions or don't have a really good answer for "What if I'm wrong", please talk to somebody about it. You can certainly talk to me. I won't promise to have the answers. But I will listen and share with you the whole Jesus story.

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