Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Adventure No Doubt

We have arrived! And it has been an adventure so far. I was excited because I knew I would get to see more of Haiti on this trip. Well, we've definitely seen a lot of Haiti. After getting into the airport, we went to two grocery stores and a restaurant so that mean quite a bit of driving in town. The grocery stores were interesting. Of course, most Haitians don't shop at grocery stores so the stores are really intended for non Haitians or wealthy Haitians. I saw proscuito, a gallon of artichokes, Lebanese olives, and real blue cheese. (None of which I would be able to buy at my usual grocery store.) I also saw a group of Japanese United Nations soliders buying like 5 cases of rum as well. (Good to know that they have guns and stuff that explodes.)

We then went into the countryside to get to the orphanage. Ummmmmm, the trip defies commentation. Think really bad gravel road, mountainous Colorado, and road construction all in one place. After three hours of jostling, we got to the orphanage and met Conleigh. She was a bit shy and spent most of the time hanging onto one of the orphanage workers but she did warm a bit after some chocolate chips and water. She is just beautiful. Since then, we've hugged and held lots of babies and children, helped with bedtime, played soccer, walked down to the river, eaten the standard beans and rice, and started painting a room. As I mentioned before, we've seen a lot more of Haiti this trip and when we get back I will have to elaborate on all of that, hopefully with some pictures.

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