Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields we don't have nor am I even sure I've ever heard that song. But we do have an ever growing strawberry patch thanks to my mom. A couple of years ago my mom bought me three plants at a small town "have it all" store. (ie it sold lumber, plants, cattle feed, etc..) Anyway, my three plants quickly took over the small bed I had them in so D built me a raised bed for them. (Maybe 4 x 7) They have since filled that bed and I began dividing them and giving them away last spring. This year we installed some bird netting over them; last year, we really only had a few handfuls of strawberries maybe from birds, maybe not. We've been saying for a couple of days now that we should probably pick strawberries, so tonight, we braved the mosquitoes and started picking. We ended up with two large bowls full. I'm guessing between 10-12 cups of strawberries....I think I'm going to make jam tomorrow. But for tonight, we'll savor the sweetness that comes from seeing fingertips dyed red and shirts used as makeshift bowls. There's just something about eating what you've grown that the farm girl in me totally loves.

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