Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

At the risk of being called a home ecky Becky by my friend Lisa, I'm going to write a bit about digital scrapbooking. Seriously, though, it is quite easy. If you possess some basic computer publishing skills, then you can use your computer to create amazing scrapbook pages. In fact, you can even use Microsoft Word to create pages in. But it is probably easier to use a program specially designed for graphic design. I just bought Creating Keepsakes by Broderbund off of Overstock.com for under $10. I wanted something that was cheap, easy to use, and something that I wouldn't have to learn a bunch of new skills to use. I spent most of the morning today making scrapbook pages for Kenson and Conleigh and was pleasantly surprised at the program. The software comes with a set of papers, backgrounds, graphics, fonts, and other design elements but I really didn't use hardly any of these. Instead, I used several from ShabbyPrincess.com which were free downloads.
Creating Keepsakes uses the same basic skills as a Word document. You do have to import your images if you don't use the ones that come with the software. But I thought it was a lot easier to control the layers you create when you start stacking papers, stickers, photos, etc.. It was very easy to send one item to the back or put another one at the front. And it allows you to add shadowing to make elements like buttons and flowers look three dimension. You can also add something called radiant glow to your words which gives the effect of chalk. I know most "professional" scrapbookers use the program PhotoShop but that is a bit pricey for me. (Over $75) This cheapy program will did what I wanted and more. Anyway, I thought I would post a few of my creations and let you see what this program could do. Great buy for an easy to use scrapbooking program.


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Aww, so cute:)

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Very nice projects. Thanks for sharing them with us. I use PhotoMix software it cost a little more but really does an excellant job with collages and other keepsake pages.

Thanks again for sharing.