Saturday, June 28, 2008


Kenson Jules is growing like a weed! He is so big! We have always been told by the Haitian staff how big he is and well, it's true. For a Haitian kiddo, he is long and tall. We were pleasantly surprised at how well he was doing developmentally. Kenson has spent basically his whole life in an orphanage. That doesn't really bode well for developmental readiness. He is walking (not as well as Conleigh who is six months younger) but he is fairly adept at it. He points at things he wants. He nods yes and no, even when questions are asked in English. He loves to mimic. In fact, D taught him to rub his tummy and say "MMM" while he was eating. All of those things point to quality care and nannies who are taking the time to teach and love.

He was quite unsure of what to think the first few days with us at the hotel. The first night, D and I both cried because we knew how scared, sad, and confused he was. He just had huge quiet eyes that just echoed of loneliness and uncertainty. He latched onto me right away and for those first few days would hardly let me put him down. He then started to warm up and get braver and more secure but he rarely let D hold him. He would play with D and liked interacting with him but holding was a bit past the limits. The task of staying at the hotel with us was such a big one-our baby has really never been anywhere other than the two baby rooms of the orphanage.

Food was a bit of a question mark. The orphanage food is pretty mushy in texture. (Beans and rice, baby cereal, etc.) I had brought several toddler favorites like freeze dried fruits and cereal but Kenson really didn't care of the crunchy texture. He did decide he liked graham crackers, ice cream, and Coke. He ate other foods too like pancakes, ham, and spaghetti.

Again, we're so thankful for our connection to Kenson and confident that God has been at work in his life already. Enjoy a few of our favorite photos of Kenson.


Kathy said...

Another cutie! You are getting two beautiful babies!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

He is so cute! You trip looks awesome! Terry

kayder1996 said...

Again, we have to agree that our babes are quite cute as well as totally precious unique kids.