Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tie Dye

While Zeke and the grown ups were at Mayo, Kenson and Conleigh were at Grandma's.  They worked on one of their 4-H projects, tie dyed t-shirts.  They ended up making 2 shirts each plus 2 shirts for Zeke.  Grandma even helped Conleigh sew on 26 sequins.  She was brave and held the fabric while Conleigh poked the needle through it.  And she made a shark applique for Zeke.  He may or may not have slept with the shirt under his pillow last night.  

This photo completely cracks me up.   It is just says so much about the three of them.
Zeke is grinning like it hurts.
Kenson is striking a pose and being his laid back self.
Conleigh is mad about something and sulking.
(Not that she is always sulking.  Just that she wears her feelings on her sleeve.)