Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Patio Redo

With D done with school, I can actually get a bit more accomplished, including this redo of our patio.  The short version is 1.  I straightened things up a bit. and 2. I gave some old patio furniture new life.

The low down on the straightening-our patio was a mess.  We have a ton of stuff that needs to go in a shed but having limited time to do yardwork and outdoor projects on a new construction, we had to prioritize and a shed did not make the top of the list.  So a lot of our outdoor stuff is shoved under the patio steps.  Hoses, flower pots, outdoor toys-it's kind of a big mess.  We had just been using an extra large Rubbermaid tote for the kids' toys but it looked super sloppy.  So this spring, I ordered two storage benches with lift up seats.  Not only do they look better than the large blue Rubbermaid box but they also will give us some extra seating.

The low down on the patio furniture-Many years ago we purchased a cheapy patio set with a glass top table, umbrella, and fabric folding chairs.  The chairs and umbrella are long gone but the table was still hanging around.  It was the traditional hunter green.  Last summer we bought some wicker like stacking chairs which we liked but that really didn't go with the table at all.  Really the table just didn't do much for us anyway because it was small and only seats four.  We also need more seats than the 4 that we bought.  So I bought another cheapy patio table secondhand for $20.  I also bought a used set of 8 metal folding chairs.  A little spray paint, some new outdoor fabric for the seats, and we've got two matching tables and a bunch of extra seating that also matches.    The chairs are seriously cute and such an easy fix.  Really makes me want to buy more chairs and do more but I don't think we need that many folding chairs.  Total cost for the patio furniture (spray paint, fabric, the table and folding chairs)-less than $50.

We ate supper outside tonight.   The kids were tickled pink.
We hardly ever eat outside, mostly because it's always felt messy.

The green bench is an old piano bench but it works great as a spot to plop my herbs.  
And yes, there are herbs in the large container, they are just not up yet.  Soon we'll have parsley, basil, and cilantro.
The other container has two kinds of mint.

We now have 4 olive green folding chairs and 4 aqua blue ones with a combination of 3 fabrics, including some that was leftover from when I covered the cushions on the front patio furniture so not only do they match the stuff in the back, but the chairs match the couch on the front porch.
I really ought to take a better picture because they are just so cute.  (I know, I said that already.)

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