Thursday, June 5, 2014

Return to Real Life

We got back home late Monday night.  Zeke's been doing great.  He hasn't had any major pain issues and has not yet had any major melt downs over the casts.  Today, he's only had one dose of pain medicine, just regular strength Tylonel.  It's hard to believe that just a week ago he was doing 9 hours of surgery and was intubated.   He has climbed on the sofa, went down the toddler slide, and tried to fish a bouncy ball out of a mud puddle, all of which have given Mom reason to worry.  (It may be a long 6 weeks of trying to keep a busy 3 year old from doing normal 3 year old things.)  Ty at Robohand also made us a device to use with silverware (or other small things) and it has been a lifesaver.  When he uses it, Zeke can feed himself most things.

This was on our first night day home so we had to do a little experimenting with silverware types to see what worked best.  D took some athletic tape and taped around a regular fork so the silverware stays in better and it really works slick now.  

Of course, no homecoming is complete without some type of problem.  The baby is still not sleeping well (naps or at night) and has a cold and a cough.  Tuesday night brought thunderstorms and tennis ball size hail.   We didn't have any damaged to the house that we could see but both vehicles have some type of hail damage.  So that means we've had to file insurance claims so we could get someone to inspect our roof and to see what we can do about the dings on the vehicles.   Zeke broke his Robohand today (nothing major but of course something that requires fixing) and the new deep freeze has been doing weird things.  Sounds like life, I guess.

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Miss Alissa said...

Hmmm, weird things. I'm curious ;) Glad to hear Zeke is doing so well.