Sunday, June 1, 2014

Post surgery, day 4

No more big nasty splints and dressings!

Tada!  Two new blue casts!

Lots of progress today.  They came around 10 to take Zeke down to the operating room where they sedated him and checked out the surgery sites.  All looked great, better than expected in fact, and they replaced the dressings with two casts.  This means he is now off of bedrest, got to remove the pic line in his neck, does not need to keep his arm at 90 degrees, and as long as we are comfortable with it, will get to go home tomorrow.  (The going home part depends on how well his pain is managed tonight and if they can get us discharged early in the morning.  We were told it was doable to be discharged by 10 or 11 which would make driving home doable.  But it if is too much later, it might end up being too late for us especially since we haven't gotten a decent night's sleep in awhile.)

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Miss Alissa said...

Will you have to go back for the removal of the casts or can they do that closer.