Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rochester Round 2

Today was an odd day.  USA played Portugal in the World Cup so we had D's soccer boys over.  We only ended up with like 5 boys plus a couple we are friends with who stopped by to show off their new babies.  But Kenson and Conleigh are already at Grandma's in anticipation of us leaving tomorrow for Rochester for another appointment for Zeke.  So it was strangely quiet.  No big kids and not a huge horde high school boys.  We actually had leftovers of everything.  (Chicken burritos, watermelon, and brownies...all left over.  That never happens.)

Anyhoo-big kids are off to Grandma's for a few days and the rest of us will depart tomorrow for Zeke's skin grafting procedure on Tuesday.  The surgeons did not have enough skin to cover the sides of Zeke's new finger so on Tuesday, they will shave a small portion of skin off of his thigh and use that to cover the sides of the finger.   That means they will do that procedure and then recast his hand yet again. If we have understood everything correctly, they will remove the cast on his foot and he will get something less castlike, hopefully something that is removable.  If he gets that off, then perhaps we'll be able to wrap up his arm and let him be a bit more adventurous in terms of water play.  We are then hopeful that he will just need one more appointment, a few weeks from this one and will then be cast free.

The procedure on Tuesday will require general anesthesia but is an out patient procedure.  The anesthesia seems less scary the more times we have had to have Zeke do it but it still is a bit unnerving to me.  It's always a bit hard to send your little guy off with the anesthesia team.  We'd still appreciate your prayers for a successful procedure and no issues with the anesthesia.

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