Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Of Birthdays and Boogers

For birthdays, we let our kids have 3 birthday wishes instead of a ton of presents.  They wish for things like specific cakes, having friends over, a specific toy, or eating at a certain restaurant.  It's not uncommon for my kids to talk about what they are going to wish for months in advance, dreaming about the possibilities.

This morning, the conversation started like it usually does, with Kenson saying "For my birthday, I'm having..."  But then I heard "For my birthday, I'm having a cake with boogers on it."  Then some giggles and "No, I'm not.  But if I wanted to I could."  This was followed by the ever encouraging Zeke chanting, "Do it!"  Do it!  Do it!"

I'm just glad to know that he still thinks I am capable of all things, including putting boogers on a cake.

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