Friday, May 9, 2014

The Excitement of the Week

Not sure which I am more excited about...

my order of plants from Santa Rosa Gardens which includes a green and pink coneflower called Green Envy, a hosta that will get really tall, and some interesting coral bells

or that the local boys' soccer team is continuing play by qualifying for sub state which is the first time in school history that has happened.  I know as the soccer coach's wife, I should probably be more excited about the second item but the plants I ordered are just so interesting and they arrived in fantastic condition.

On the Kai front, there is definitely some excitement around all the new things he is doing.  Conleigh taught him to clap a few days ago which I happen to think is pretty darn adorable.  And while he's not crawling outright, he is very close.  He can crawl backwards and he can army crawl by pulling himself up and then forward.  (I know for certain I am not all that excited about the crawling prospect.  I am not sure this mom or this house are ready for that.)

Getting into stuff on the tv stand

After starting in the center of the living room, Kai made it this far.  
Zeke is trying to blockage the vacuum cord away from Kai.
And as I write this, Kai who was sitting right by Zeke in the above picture, has now turned the corner and is heading down the hall.  Me thinks that this weekend's plans may include the installation of a baby gate.

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