Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Wildlife Rescue

The kids totally cracked me up this afternoon with their play.  At some point, they decided to play like they were rescuing sea animals.  They brought all their blankets out and had each kid stand on a corner of the blanket, lifting it up and pretending to carry a shark or a dolphin out of the water.  Then I overheard them talking about a pregnant dolphin that they were apparently caring for .  Zeke was pretty sure it was a boy dolphin but Kenson set him straight.  Lots of recording information in notebooks too.  And a hearty discussion on littering as they descended down the stairs to the coral reef.  In Kenson's words, "Um, there's a pair of Hello Kitty shoes that someone dropped onto the coral reef.  And some measuring cups."  Geez!  Litterbugs, I tell you!

I also thought it was pretty funny that the baby was watching them the whole time.  Kai loves being where the big kids are and they usually like having him around.  Apparently, they thought he needed some boundaries because they created a semi open fence out of old couch cushions and then dumped all of his toys around him.  He was entertained like that for a good 40 minutes.

Conleigh is administering some type of shot to the pregnant dolphin in this picture.
(The syringe is a styrofoam tube off of her bike, with a pen inserted into the middle.)

Kai's observation spot-yes he is watching Zeke burn his eyeballs out with a flashlight.

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Miss Alissa said...

I love watching their imaginations go!