Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just in from the Sauna

Big day today-it was surgery day in Rochester for Zeke.  We started our morning bright and early with a check in time of around 6 a.m..  Zeke's surgery started at about 9:40 and he was finally back into his ICU room by 7:45 or so.  I'm guessing the actual surgery wrapped up around 7 or 7:15.  A few highlights to share with you all:

1.  Zeke handled the anesthesia and intubation well.  He did not cry when he headed back with the anesthesia team and has had no issues with blood pressure, breathing, etc..
2.  Dr. Moran shared that from a surgery standpoint, things look good.  The nubbin on Zeke's hand did not have an artery flowing to it and was also lacking a tendon so the surgery team had to pull the tendon over from the back of his hand and create an artery graft from the section where they removed his toe. Because of this, Zeke will require additional skin grafting.  Dr. Moran also shared that the actual blood vessels are as small as half a millimeter and that sutures they used are thinner than a human hair.
3.  The actual waiting for the surgery to finish wasn't awful.  Tonight will probably prove to be a rough one.  Zeke will be heavily sedated as they want to give his new finger the best chance to attach.  This means he will have a breathing tube all night.  Also, one of the risks associated with this surgery is constriction of the blood vessels.  To keep the blood vessels from constricting and disrupting the blood flow, his room temperature must be 80 degrees.  (Or warmer.)  Hence the report from the sauna.  I'm guessing it will be a pretty sleepless night.  Thankfully, because he is in the ICU and because this requires such a high level of monitoring, a nurse will be bedside all night as well.

A few things you could pray for:
-an uneventful night with no issues related to respiration or blood pressure
-that the surgery will be successful.  They will know by tomorrow morning how well things are going.  My heart just aches at the thought that we have done all of this for naught.
-that Zeke will be calm and not restless

A few things we thank God for:
-a highly skilled team of Mayo surgeons who can do amazing, mind bending things
-dear friends who have made us feel loved through financial gifts, offers to watch our kids, offers to watch our dog, and words of encouragement and prayers

Blessed by God's presence, from Is. 49:16
"See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands."  Believing God loves and care for us all, including Zeke.

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Dardi said...

It is amazing what God has gifted people to do!! I will be thinking of you & hoping for good reports for Zeke!