Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot Potato, Literally

Just in time for summer, when we need a few new things to do, our local Walmart had Mr. Potato Head's Hot Dash on clearance for $1.  It's actually a pretty fun little game.  The stuffed Mr. Potato Head plays music, and of course, if it ends with you holding it, you are "out."  But it also comes with a stack of cards that have pictures of objects and places around the house.  So if you play with the cards, your job is to touch the objects featured on the cards before Mr. Potato Head's music stops.  Yesterday, the big kids wanted to play just plain old Hot Potato.  Zeke was on the fence about playing and I couldn't figure out why.  He would watch and giggle with anticipation but if he tried to play, when it would come his way, he would avoid the stuffed potato.  It was a huge overreaction when it came near.  I finally figure out the problem:  Zeke knew the game was called Hot Potato and thought that if the music ended while you were holding the potato, that the potato would get hot.  Once he figured out you were not going to get burned by a fake potato, life was good.   Gotta love a literal 3 year old!

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