Saturday, May 31, 2014

Post Surgery, Day 3

Zeke  had a good afternoon and evening with only one little meltdown over not being able to get out of bed.  (He also tried to get out of bed on his own in the middle of the night to try to find Derek.  The nurses found him standing by the bed.   When I asked him this morning if he forgot or just didn't care that he had to stay in bed, he of course told me that he didn't care.)  So far, this morning has been about the same.  He's been eating more and more and has felt like playing and smiling.  Play is a bit of a challenge because he has to be in bed, has to keep his hand at 90 degrees, and then has no fingers on the other side.  But we're creative.  (See Zeke's short video below.)

It sounds like he will get moved out of the ICU sometime today.  But the plastics team still wants him to stay in bed lest he mess up the finger since it is not casted.  It sounds like the plan is to now cast it on Sunday so on Sunday, they will put him back under anesthesia and cast the foot and the hand  They also told us we can turn the temperature down.  After almost 2 fulls days of being in an 80 degree hospital room, we are all grateful for that.

One more pic...
Pardon the photobomb by Mom.  You can see how large of a dressing he has on his hand.
The one on his foot is not quite as big but pretty close.

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