Friday, May 16, 2014

Surgery Prayer Requests

Zeke's surgery is now less than 2 weeks away.  I suppose it's just the time of the year, where our schedules are jam packed with stuff so the days just fly by, but I can't believe the actual surgery date is so close.  A few friends have asked how they can pray for us so here is my list:

1.  The surgery will be long, probably 6 hours and then Zeke will be sedated overnight.  He will undergo potentially 24 hours of general anesthesia.  All of that makes for a very long, anxious day.  Pray for peace for our hearts as we wait.
2.  Post surgery we are of course hoping for a completely successful surgery but we are also hoping for good pain management.  Pray for the surgery's success as well as adequate pain medication.
3.  My mom is traveling with us and will be responsible for Kenson, Conleigh, and Kai while we are in Minnesota.  This means a cramped mini van on the way there, a cramped mini van on the way home, and having to entertain the seven year olds for several days.  We are hoping that my mom and the kids will be able to stay at the Rochester Ronald Mc Donald House but that depends on the availability of beds.  This would be much better arrangement than a hotel since the Ronald McDonald House has access to more of the things a family might need for a longer stay.  (Like movies, board games, a kitchen suite, etc..)   Pray for a pleasant trip, especially on the return trip when we will have a post surgery 3 year old in the car for 7 hours.  Pray also that our housing situation would be something that meets our needs and that my mom doesn't have to resort to 24-7 tv and unlimited bed jumping in a hotel somewhere.  Say a prayer of praise for my mom's ability to go with us.
4.  Upon returning home, Zeke will be casted on his hand and his foot for a month.  This will limit his functionality as he will have literally no fingers for that month.  It will also limit some of the activities he can do.  Pray for this to not be a source of stress for him or us.
5.  After about a month of casting, Zeke will return to Minnesota to have the casts removed.  If all has gone well, he will need not additional surgery.  If there is not enough skin to cover the wound around his new finger, he may have to have a skin graft surgery to resolve this issue.  Pray for there to be no need for additional surgery.

Thanks so much!

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Dardi said...

I was so worried about the cast thing with Kemeri b/c when she awoke the next morning more aware of everything, she looked at her ginormous cast & said (with disdain), "What is this??" And proceeded to let me know every few minutes she wanted it OFF. I just kept telling her that it was to keep her ouchie safe, & after a day she was fine. I need to post an update b/c we have now have the cast off & are weaning off the splint. She has begun therapy, & yesterday's session went really well. Anxious to hear how things go for Z!