Friday, June 24, 2011

Who are the poor?

Really enjoyed reading this post  on who are the poor.  Basic jist-we are called to the poor, the least of these, but who exactly is that?  The poor in Haiti look dramatically different than the poor in America; does this mean one is more important?  Should we make a distinction when we consider how to invest our time, talent, and treasures?  And is there a need to serve them differently?  How do we recognize the poor in America?  Are they really poor?  I also liked what was said about Christians making a distinction between the poor and the lost.  We should frame our worldview from an eternal perspective, one that treats each person as a soul that needs to find a resting place for eternity.  But not all lost are poor and not all poor are lost.  So how does this influence us?   Do we have a tendency to lump them together and assume that if we work with the poor, we are working with the lost?  Or that because we have a friend who is lost that we have now served the poor?  Just loved the thoughts that the post encouraged especially when I consider the community I grew up in, the community where I live now, and my job as a teacher in that community.

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