Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

*Today, Kenson and Conleigh invented a new language.  I have no idea what they are calling it but they've been running around all day talking in some form of babbling that sounds a bit like baby talk.  One will talk, the other will answer and you can tell it's an answer via the inflection and non verbals.  Not sure what to think about that one...thoughts of my high school study hall keep running through my mind.  (My cousins and I all spoke "gibberish" and used it to our advantage in a shared study hall.   We also invented the "Morse Code" of knocking on the table.  Poor Mrs. Brass...I'm sure she was glad to see us go!)

*Kenson told me at supper that his tummy was getting very big because he had a baby in there.  Let's hope not!  (Of course, he also wanted to know today how babies get back in their mama's v*gin*'s so...)

*A funeral with two four year olds is interesting.  My favorite questions?  At the funeral home, Kenson wanted to know if Great-Grandma was there and upon hearing yes, he quickly said with eyes wide as could be, "This is heaven?"  And after attending the graveside service, as we were leaving the church Kenson asked where Great-Grandma's head was.  Apparently he was quite concerned that she might be buried without it.

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