Sunday, June 5, 2011

Loving the vintage toys!

With the passing of D's grandma comes the inevitable cleaning out of her house.  D and his brother are the only remaining family members and since his brother was back from Boise, we spent the two or three days before her funeral going through the house.  Aside from the $2, 000 plus we found in assorted places around the house ie both bathrooms and the kitchen, all in loose change, we scored a couple of great vintage finds for the kids.   How fun are these?
Love this little embroidered apron that I'm guessing belonged to D's mom. 
Cute, cute, cute! 
Perfect for playing in the kitchen.

I'm also in love with this handmade doll highchair. 
The back has the initials M.E.C. so it was D's grandma's when she was little, so from the thirties. 
The baby dolls of the house are very appreciative!

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