Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Warning for Conleigh's Future Friends

Oh my dear little Conleigh!  She is probably way too much like me.  I suppose that means that it is easy for me to pinpoint her faults because a lot of them are things I see in myself.  I find myself constantly challenged to not describe her with terms that have a slightly negative vibe to them.  Anyway, I digress...
This week perhaps my favorite line from her showcases her personality.  She is stubborn and determined and too smart for her own good.  (See how all of those tend towards the negative?  It can be so hard to see the flip side of those things as tenacious and resilient, witty, quick thinking, and unlikely to be swayed.) 

Anyway, to set the tone, one should probably know that I often tell my kids they can do all sorts of things when they are bigger.  I do so in an attempt to divert a tantrum that is stemming from me telling them no, they can't do something by telling them they can do it when they are 18.  (Or whatever age seems appropriate.) 

So it often goes like this.  "No, you can't eat in the living room.  But you can when you are 18."  (Stole that one from one of my dear friend's mom.  As a teen, I always thought Kate's living room rule was lame; now I see it's value.)

 "No, you can't have ice cream for breakfast.  But you sure can when you are 18." 

"No you can't wear your swimming suit over your sweat pants, with your tutu, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat to Walmart.  But maybe when you're 18." 

Conleigh though determined to beat me at my own game. 

Yesterday, I caught her enjoying a mid afternoon snack right out out of the ever handy Nostril Cafe.  When I told her to stop, she quickly replied, "When I get big, I will eat my boogers!" 

Okay, my dear. 

You win. 

You can certainly pick your nose and eat it at any point you'd like once you get bigger. 

I'll start preparing your future prom date so he will at least be expecting it.

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