Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Need a List-How about one for my books?

I have to say that I have been waiting for "normal" life for the past oh, let's say four months.  Apparently, God had other plans.  Between soccer starting and soccer being in full swing and soccer ending and D's grandma getting sick and passing away, the last 3-4 months have been a dizzying mess.  I am craving a schedule but alas, summer is here so it will be a hodgepodge of one week of this schedule and one one of another.  All in all, I am currently feeling the compulsion to make lists.  Lots of them.  Because I'm pretty sure having lists indicates that I'm still in control of life.  (Yes, that's how I roll=tightly clenching the bits of control between my fingers.)

I could of course make some productive lists like what our weekly schedule is or a to do list but I'll save that for another time.  Instead, I'll share some of the things I've been reading or hope to read soon.

I found an old copy of this at our local thrift store and have been slowly eating away at it.  So very interesting.  Did you know that the all but one of the astronauts on the first Apollo mission were first borns?  Or that oftentimes car salesmen are last borns?  I'm not sure how concrete the science is but the antedotal evidence is just crazy.

This isn't actually the version I'm reading but close enough.  Again, something I've been gnawing away at.  The copy I have is an old copy that once again, came to me via the local thrift store.  I have never read Sherlock Holmes but have been meaning to so when I saw it at the store, it was 50 cents well spent.  I am a mystery fan as well as historical fiction.  And the Victorian period just fascinates me.  So I'm a happy camper with this find.  (And did you know that Sherlock Holmes loved herion?  Or maybe it was cocaine?  It's been a few weeks since I read it but I loved reading that little detail which is one of those things where the author had no idea of how that would appear in the context of the 21st century.)

Hate to say it but again a thrift store book.  (Different thrift store than the previous two though.)  Only picked it up because I know there's a bit of a hullaballoo surrounding Rob Bell's latest book on heaven.  Haven't actually read it but am interested to read his thoughts on how Christians might live in fresh, radical ways.

This was actually what I was supposed to have finished for my Facebook Bible study group.  However, life interupted and I am about 2/3 done.  It's been an okay book.  I love books that challenge you to live your life to it's fullest which i what this book's main objective is.  I think it's been more a subtle reminder than a bold slap in the face.  Perhaps this week I will get back into my quiet time routine.  The last 3 weeks have amounted to about zippo time spent alone with God in any really concentrated way.  Of course I've prayed and listened to Christian radio but I have not gotten around to any serious time with the Lord lately.

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-Jess said...

Birth Order book sounds very interesting, have to check it out! Fatherless America by David Blankenhorn is next on my "list." Heard a Focus on the Family talk on it.