Monday, June 13, 2011

Braid Locs in Box Braids

A few weeks ago in Walmart, Conleigh saw a girl who was probably ten or so with box braids that kind of stuck up in a funky sort of way.  (Those of you who know box braids know just what I mean.)  She instantly said, "I like that hair!"  I asked her if it looked like Haiti hair since a lot of the time the kids have their hair in some form of box braids there.   She said "yes" but who knows if that's really what she thinks or not?  Anyway, it's now been dubbed Haiti hair so this week I set out to put her braid locs in box braids.  It's all pretty much pre parted due to the way the braid locs are put in.  So it didn't take too terrible long to put them in.  (Probably less than an hour and we've had them in for four days now and should be able to get probably two to three more days before I try a braid out with them.)  Since the box braids are actually braided braids, they have a different look to them than regular box braids.  All sealed off with a lot of white daisy snaps/barrettes which she loves hearing as they click clack when she shakes her head or tips her head backwards.

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Jolene said...

~Cute~ My 6 yr old son has locs and his are just long enough to braid and he is so excited to have me braid his hair...he loves my hands in hair and the time he gets with me...such a sweetie!