Saturday, January 16, 2010

Urgent Prayers

This was just posted on the orphanage group site from my son's orphanage. They have also posted a few pictures of the conditions. Praise the Lord, he is home but 130 children are not. They are in PAP, in the middle of a neighborhood that was hit very hard. If you know anyone in Haiti who might be able to help, please forward this information on. The orphanage is located at Delmas 31, #32. Thanks. Kayla


We received word from Pierre this morning that the situation in the orphanage is becoming dire. We would like to ask EVERYONE that receives this to use this information to get on your knees before our Lord and ask Him to provide.

We have one nanny that is deceased and the orphanage needs her body to be removed.
The orphanage has no drinkable water.
In addition they need formula for babies, medicines, IV fluids (one child is currently on an IV), charcoal to cook, diesel, and cash to buy supplies if they find them. They are running out of cash and thereare no banks open to get cash, so it needs to be delivered by someone already onthe ground or by helicopter. Others are beginning to rob them of what supplies they do have. There are helicopters flying over the orphanage and they have made a sign on the roof that says they are an orphanage and need help.

The staff is also working to get together all the paperwork for each child that has an adoptive family in a way that it can be attached to their body if there is an opportunity to evacuate.


Roxanne said...

Praying in Jesus'Name Praying.....

sheri wiebe said...

I am getting news back from my uncle and had a few more questions for him before I get back to you...I think help is on the way...Praying hard for this situation.


Katy said...

Thank you Kayla....thank you. Sheri was in touch and passed along the message you gave to her uncle.