Thursday, January 7, 2010

Minneso tah?

Apparently I have been relocated to Minneso tah without my consent or knowledge. It is like -15 below outside with windchils into the-thirties. (Or something like that. It's so cold that watching the weather is depressing so I just don't.) We got another 3-4 inches of snow on top of the 12 inches we had before. But the wind has been so crazy with both storms that we've ended up with crazy tall drifts. Our backyard has some that are probably 4 foot. Other places have had drifts up to their eaves. D has no school again tomorrow for the third day in a row. In less than a month, he has had 5 snow days. (And most of that month includes the Christmas break.) We got snowed in at my folks' so we couldn't do Christmas with D's family as planned and had scheduled it for this weekend. Except now most of the roads around Norfolk are closed. (Not just yucky to travel on; they're closed.)

Oohftah! Once I finally get out of my house, I think I'll be checking the road signs just to see how far away International Falls is.

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kb said...

Glad we moved to a warmer state! LOL